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Energy Opportunities
Coal Investments 
TheUnited States currently develops its energy from 51% coal fired plants.  Over the next decade, the Electric Power Research Institute predicts the United States coal energy supply to increase to 58%.  Although renewal resources will take a role in our future, coal supply and natural gas will serve as our energy security and dependence from foreign oil.  Without the use of coal, theUnited States would not have a sufficient power supply to meet our energy demand.
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Although the cost of electricity is important, nevertheless, the location of each power source is equally important for the delivery of the power supply to the population.  Coal fired and natural gas plants are the most versatile of all energy sources and can be placed in many locations.

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Natural Gas Opportunities

The natural gas industry continues to generate many opportunities.  Although oil prices continue to rise and fall, natural gas will remain steady in the market place.
With the global demand for energy, the tightening supply and lingering energy bill in our own country, along with the tax write offs incentive in the tax code to stimulate private sector oil and gas investment, the opportunities are astounding for those who are forward looking. The current environment for oil and gas exploration is ideal. Industry experts say "total natural gas consumption increases from 21.7 trillion cubic feet in 2006 to a peak value of 23.8 trillion cubic feet in 2016, followed by a decline to 22.7 trillion cubic feet in 2030."
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Tax Advantages

In an attempt to reduce our dependency on foreign supplies, the United States government set about to encourage domestic oil and gas exploration. When Congress passed the Tax Reform Act of 1986 (the “Act”), investors in oil and gas drilling projects received exceptional incentives. Oil and gas drilling projects have become one of the most tax-advantaged investment opportunities, allowing our Joint Venture partners to benefit from many tax deductions.

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